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Tado Skills



Never heat an empty home. Based on the residents' location, tado° notifies you to turn down your heating when the last person has left home or to start warming the house before you arrive. You can automate this skill with Auto-Assist.

Open Window Detection

Don't heat the neighbourhood - tado° Smart Thermostats notice an open window and let you turn off the heating effortlessly, saving you energy. You can automate this skill with Auto-Assist.

Weather Adaptation

Making use of natural heat to save energy; by considering local weather forecasts, tado° knows when to turn down the heating because the sunshine will warm up your home.

Insightful Reports

See the temperature & humidity profile, heating & weather activity, when the windows were opened, and how much you have saved.

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control
tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control

Air Comfort

tado° helps you to achieve a healthier indoor climate, with insights and specific advice. The Air Comfort Skill shows real-time indoor air freshness and provides information about humidity levels, so you can see if a room has a risk of developing mould. Additionally, you get an overview of the local outdoor air quality and the current pollen forecasts. So you know when, and for how long, to open the windows.

Smart Schedule

Simply choose your desired day and night time temperatures. Set up your individual smart schedule, as simple or as complex as you need it to be. It only activates if somebody is home. You can also customise many settings.

Auto -Assist

Auto-Assist simplifies your life by automatically adjusting your heating depending on whether someone is home or if a window has been opened. It also monitors your heating system to help prevent breakdowns.
(Available in-app, £2.99/month, £224.99/year).

Care & Protect

tado° monitors your heating system, notifies you if unusual heating behaviour is detected and helps you to solve issues with easy step—by-step guides.
*Care & Protect is part of Auto-Assist.