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Smart Home Starter Kit Promo - What can I do?

Discover smart home

Find out how our beginner bundle of smart tech allows you to create exactly the atmosphere you like at home.

Make your home more you

Make your home more "you"

Your home is your sanctuary – and you can make it even more “you” with smart technology. You can dim the lights for a relaxing night, have the lights adapt to your mood or the weather. You can even turn on your home lighting as you’re leaving work – so your house will be ready to greet you.

Make your home change around you

Make your home change around you

Imagine a beautiful, easy-to-use, voice activated device that can tell other devices in your home what to do – and you’re beginning to understand the power of Amazon Echo. When you have one in your home, all you have to do is ask Alexa to turn your lights off, on, or brighter.

A compatible bundle

A compatible bundle

Having a hub – like an Amazon Echo Dot - gives you the ability to make hundreds of brands and products work together seamlessly. This means you can add new devices whenever you want, safe in the knowledge that everything will work together beautifully.