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Our top tips for selling your home

Choose how to sell your property

You have a couple of options when it comes to selling your home; using a local estate agent, an online estate agent or to sell privately. Do take the time to research when choosing a local estate agent. See how fast their properties sell, if they receive their asking prices, and try to get some first hand reviews. Online estate agents have grown in popularity, due to their competitive commission rates (in some cases these are fixed) and all round good customer experience. Selling your home privately saves you paying commission to an agent, but you'll need to do a lot of the work that an estate agent would usually carry out.

Spruce up your place

Preparing your home for sale might seem like a mammoth task, so its important to keep organised and plan in advance so everything is completed in advance of viewings. Focus on repairing items like leaky taps and cupboard doors that don't close. Remove broken items or furniture. Paint over any marks or cracks on the walls and fill nail holes. Clean any carpet stains, mould or toothpaste on the bathroom sink. Consider writing a list to stay on top of things, to help make it more manageable. And remember you can always get a professional cleaner, or ask for a favour from a friend to help get yourself over the line.

Pare back items and decor

Tidying and de-cluttering your home prior to sale can make all the difference as viewers can easily see the space in your home. And with fewer things, you create more space! You may even be able to make some extra cash by selling unwanted items.

In terms of decor, a pared back, neutral palette helps viewers to imagine themselves in the property. Consider putting away any personal items too. 

The outside counts

Ever made a judgement in the first few seconds of arriving somewhere? First impressions count, so mow the lawn, clean your windows and get your front door and driveway looking their best. If you have a garden, consider placing a BBQ and seating area outside or adding potted plants, so that viewers can see how they could make the most of the space.

Get a fair home valuation

Setting and agreeing on a price for your home can be tricky, so many people opt to use the services of an estate agent to help them set the right price for both a quick sale and a high return. Remember that buyers will typically make an offer under the asking price, and the results of a property survey could cause lower offers to be made. The method often used for establishing your selling price is to take the lowest offer you would consider and then add around 10%.

Get great listing photos

The listing photos of your home will need to capture the viewers attention and show your home in its best light. Of course, when the photos are taken everything should be clean and tidy, but remember to open the curtains, turn on the lights and even temporarily remove some furniture items to get that feeling of openness and space. will be responsible for drawing most people into that first open house.

Prepare well for viewings

Making an effort on the day of the viewing, will really help boost the appeal of your home. Cleanliness is something that's important to viewers, so do a quick clean, make the beds, and remove any clutter that's accumulated on surfaces or the fridge - it will make a big difference and will definitely be worth your while.
Tip: For your own security and peace of mind, remember to shut down and password-protect all your computers, and hide small valuables.