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Power and connectivity

Stay connected and in control with our carefully selected smart plugs and Wi-Fi range extenders.

Power and connectivity
  • Control remotely

  • Voice control

  • Place anywhere in the home

  • Easy to use and install

  • Expand your smart home

Smart plugs

Our range of smart plugs help you manage your devices via an easy to use app or voice assistant. Worried you’ve left the iron on? You can turn your devices on/off remotely or set schedules allowing you to turn your devices on/off at set times. Helping you to be more energy efficient. 


Wi-Fi drop out? Struggling to stream the latest episode of your favourite series? Or want to add more smart devices in the home but don’t have the Wi-Fi capacity? We’ve selected products to boost your Wi-Fi coverage that can be managed via an easy to use app or smart voice assistant.


Forget remote controls and start streaming the things you love to watch from your family's devices, straight to your TV