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Create the perfect ambience and be more energy efficient with our selected range of LED smart lighting and accessories. 

  • Control remotely

  • Voice control

  • Different colours and hues

  • Set routines

  • Energy efficient LED

Smart bulbs

Our carefully selected range of smart bulbs will help you to create the perfect ambiance for your home, whatever you’re doing. Find your perfect shade of white, or choose from 16 million colours. And with different bulb fittings to choose from you'll find the right bulb fitting, for any room.

Starter kits

Unlock your smart bulbs full potential. The Hue Bridge enables you to set routines, turn the lights on when you arrive home in the dark, sync with your entertainment and more. And you can turn your lights on/off remotely helping you to be more energy efficient.


Brighten up your home with these versatile lightstrips. They can be shaped, bent, cut or extended to fit any surface in the home. Use under your kitchen cabinets or in the hallway to flood your home in different colours. 


Smart lighting on the move… smart lamps are portable and can be used inside or outside the home. Face against the wall to wash your walls with colour, use as a centre piece for the dinner table or why not take outside when entertaining friends in the garden.


Get even more out of your smart lighting with our range of Philips Hue lighting accessories.

Outdoor lighting

Bring your garden to life with our NEW Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting collection.