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Let us help you heat your home the more efficient way, with our range of smart heating devices.

  • Control remotely

  • Voice control

  • Energy-saving features

  • Home/Away assist

  • Monthly reports

Smart thermostats

Get smarter about your energy use with a smart thermostat. You can control your heating from anywhere in the world via an easy to use app. Smart thermostats have home/away control too, so your thermostat will learn your routine and only heat your home when it’s needed, helping you to save energy. 

Smart radiator valves

Be more efficient with your energy with smart radiator valves

Smoke and CO alarm

Nest Protect looks for slow and fast-burning fires, as well as carbon monoxide. It tells you what and where the danger is and it can send alerts to your phone. Helping to provide you with peace of mind that all's well in your home.


Place your Google Nest Learning Thermostat anywhere in the home with a stand.