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Your smart tech questions answered

Whether you're new to the exciting world of smart tech or just need a few questions answered about your growing smart home – we can help! We've gathered your questions to give you all the smart answers.

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General smart questions

What is smart home tech?

Smart home tech is technology which allows homeowners to control certain parts of their home using their smartphone or tablet, often through an app. From lights to plugs, security cameras and more – you can automate your home for security, comfort, ease and efficiency.

What smart home tech works with Amazon Alexa?

There's a huge variety of tech which works well with Alexa. You can check the product before you purchase for compatibility. 

What cheap smart home tech is there? 

You don't need to splash out to begin your smart home journey. Invest in a few pieces of tech which are cheaper to see what suits you and your home. Smart plugs are a great place to start, they are inexpensive and will give you a taste of what smart tech can do. 

How can I control my smart home? 

Smart homes are simple to control. You can use an app with your smartphone or tablet. So wherever you are, you have your home at your fingertips, whether you need to switch on the heating or turn off a plug.

Smart lighting questions

How does smart lighting work?

Smart light bulbs are LED lights which can be customised and controlled remotely using a smartphone. Lights can change colour, be scheduled to switch on or off and operated from wherever you are as long as you have the app. 

How do I install smart lighting? 

Smart lighting is easy to set up and use – however, instructions will vary depending on what type of smart lights you have bought. More often than not, you screw the bulbs into your existing light sockets. In the case of Philips Hue lights, then you plug in your Wi-Fi bridge and then download the app. It's that simple!

Smart plug questions

What are smart plugs good for?

Smart plugs mean that you have complete control over that plug from wherever you are. So if you've left the house but forgot to unplug something (like hair straighteners, uh oh) you can simply switch them off from your phone. Giving greater control over your home and peace of mind. 

Are smart plugs safe? 

Yes, and you can switch them off at any time so the sockets won't overheat like some traditional plugs. 

How do I use a smart plug? 

Simply plug your smart plug into the wall and then plug in your device (lamp, kettle – your choice). You then need to download the app (depending on the brand of smart plug you've purchased) and you're ready to go!

What can smart plugs control?

Smart plugs control whatever electrical device is plugged into them.

Smart security and thermostat questions

How do smart security cameras work?

You can get smart security cameras for inside and outside your home. The technology means you can keep an eye on your house from your smartphone, computer or tablet – you can get live updates, alerts, video stream and more. If you want to find out more about what smart cameras can do for you – take a look at our options. 

How do smart thermostats save energy? 

Smart thermostats allow you to monitor your energy use from your smart device – you can see how much you're using and spending and at what times of the day. So you're able to cut down where needed and set up a schedule so you're not using more energy than you need, or wasting energy by forgetting to turn it off. 

Can I install a smart thermostat in an apartment? 

Yes, you can install a smart thermostat in any home.

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