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Five of the best smart plug uses you wouldn't think of

Once you've installed a smart plug (also known as a smart socket) like the TP-Link HS100, a little creativity can go a long way and as well as saving you money, it can actually be fun.

Christmas tree light

Get festive with your friends

Christmas is around the corner so why not get festive with your smart plug? Use it to power your Christmas tree lights! No more leaning around the tree, trying to find the switch! Simply sit back and control the lights from your phone.

Add to the Christmas atmosphere, by installing some Philips Hue bulbs to dim the lights or change colour at your command. Want to go further? Prepare a playlist of festive tunes and sound effects and tell Alexa to play your favourites when your friends pay a visit. 

Soothe your pets

A smart plug can easily help you control all kinds of pet accessories such as the water pump for your aquarium or heat lamp for your vivarium. There are even smart pet feeders available that enable you to interact with your dog or cat, monitoring their mood through the day and even tossing them a treat at your command.

Save your back

Under-cabinet lights or shelf strip LEDS can look great but can leave switches in hard-to-reach or hard-to-find areas. Have an Amazon Echo? Then with a smart plug, you won't have to go fumbling in corners or creeping behind furniture any more – just say the word and Alexa will take care of it.

Smarten up your greenhouse

Some plants can be needy, requiring constant monitoring of temperature, humidity and light. And even though horticulture is a labour of love, it's good to know you can have the odd weekend off. New greenhouse technology is emerging daily, enabling hi-tech gardeners to create a smart home for themselves and their plants. You can use your phone to control any garden appliance plugged into your smart plug.

Switch off when you sleep

To save energy and reduce your bills, you might want to make sure your appliances aren't running through the night. Did you know, you can also team your fitness band with a smart plug to programme appliances like your tumble dryer or TV to shut down for the night when you do?

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